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The Author

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What He Writes

Edwin Brightwater writes horror and suspense fiction that incorporates the unreal—gothic, dark urban fantasy, the paranormal and the magical, thrilling stories of things bizarre, grotesque, or utterly impossible.

His work is crafted to excite, stir, and scare the reader. His books pull you out of reality and into unknown worlds of gripping suspense and terrifying thrills. Every story is carefully written, the author paying as much attention to prose and style, character development, and theme as to plot and setting. 

He creates heroes and sidekicks who’ll make you cheer and laugh and villains that you’ll love to hate. He avoids literary gimmicks and instead emphasizes the emotional, heartfelt, human aspects of story. He promises never to write a disappointing ending.

Edwin’s Background & Influences

Edwin Brightwater lives in Taiwan. He was born in New Zealand in the 1970s and educated mostly in Australia. His native language is English. He is also fluent in Chinese, having learned the language in his late twenties.

His favourite authors are Virginia Woolf and Jane Austen and his oldest inspiration is “Doctor Who.” His preferred pastime is reading. His pseudonymous pen name, Edwin Brightwater, reflects his ancestry in the South Island of New Zealand.

Before writing fiction, he worked as a commercial lawyer in Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. He has also worked as a fruit picker, private tutor, charity collector, worm farm laborer, and English teacher.

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